West Palm Beach, FL 33415, USA

About Kendrick Heywood MD, NP-BC, SNP-BC

About Miami, FL

Dr. Kendrick Heywood, a native of Miami, is an accomplished medical professional who has spent his career developing cutting-edge regenerative treatments to help clients get the most from life. As a health and wellness expert, Dr. Heywood has helped thousands of patients optimize their longevity with innovative treatments and therapies, all carefully designed to produce positive outcomes. 

Dr. Heywood graduated cum laude from the University of Florida before continuing his medical education at their esteemed College of Medicine. Following graduation, he then put his expertise and talent to use at Miami’s famed Jackson Memorial Internal Medicine Unit. It was here where Dr. Heywood first developed an interest in functional medicine.  

Following his residency, Dr. Heywood was able to transition fully to functional medicine, providing the groundwork for a career dedicated to addressing the root causes of the many age-related issues his clients were experiencing as they grew older. 

Dr. Heywood is currently helping to develop the next generation of age management and regenerative therapies while also seeing clients daily. He is a professionally trained and licensed provider of results-based age management therapies and is an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.